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      Actionable Knowledge, Ambient Learning, Cloud Computing, Decision Trees, KaaS [1]
      ambient learning; artificial intelligence; decision support systems; computational thinking [1]
      Attentional cues; Directed attention; Embodied cues; Facial orientation; Game-based human–robot interaction; Gaze perception; Gaze-based interactions. [1]
      burglary; spatial dependence; risk assessment [1]
      Contextual factors, Governance, Human capital, ICT Infrastructure, Public Value [1]
      crime analysis, criminal geographic profiling, Nairobi (Kenya), offender travel, serial offense [1]
      Crime, spatial visualization, kernel density estimation, decision support. [1]
      e-learning, grounded theory, interaction, collaboration, challenges [1]
      Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP systems, ERP implementation, user participation, CSFs [1]
      ICT, Distance Education (DE), e-Learning, e-Learning Challenges and Kenya [1]
      Information Systems, Electronic Library Services, Hybrid Libraries, Technology Acceptance, End-Users, UTAUT, SOUTAUT, Developing Countries. [1]
      Knowledge as Service, knowledge extraction, ambient learning, knowledge consumers [1]
      Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (MANET), Zone Routing Protocol (ZRP), Intrazonal Routing Protocol (IARP) [1]
      Mobile learning, Cloud Computing, Open Educational Resources [1]
      mobile rich, computer poor, M-learning, ambient learning [1]
      Mutual gaze, Gaze following, Dyadic interaction, Joint attention, Child-robot interaction, Social cognition, Theory of mind, Observational analyse [1]
      qualitative research, grounded theory, methodology, e-learning, interaction and collaboration [1]
      Technology Transfer, Data Analytics, System Dynamics, Modeling, Constrained resource setting [1]