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      agricultural sector, fair value, SMEs [1]
      Blue economy, Innovative financing Blended Finance, Blue bonds, Development finance, Development impact bonds, Debt swaps, Crowdsourcing-Diaspora financing, and contingently recoverable grants [1]
      Bond, Budget, Economy, GDP-Indexed, Volatility, Development finance [1]
      Brand Loyalty, Brand Image, Service Quality, Customer Perceived value, Customer Satisfaction Supermarkets [1]
      Capital expenditure (capex) variance, operating expenditure (opex) variance, Human resource variance, Income variance, financial performance [1]
      Co-operatives, youth involvement, co-operative model [1]
      Debt Financing, Financial Performance, Short-Term Debt, Medium-Term Debt, Long-Term Debt, Return on Equity [1]
      Digital Financial Services, Growth of SMEs in Kenya, Digitisation, Digital Payment Technology, E-Commerce [1]
      EGARCH Model, Interest rates, Exchange rates, Bank stock returns [1]
      Employee Risk-taking, Perceived Service Quality, Entrepreneurial behaviour, Government Ministries, Kenya [1]
      Employee Competencies management, Employee Performance [1]
      Financial Leverage, Financial Performance and commercial banks. [1]
      Frim performance, Capital Structure, Reverse Causality Hypothesis, Earnings per Shares [2]
      innovative finance, foreign remittance, financial transaction tax, guaranteed loan, public debt [1]
      Innovative Strategies,Performance Of Supermarket Chains [1]
      investment bank, equity investment, macroeconomic variables, Return on Asset [1]
      Kenya Resilience, Resources, Transformational Leadership, Innovative Culture Restructuring. [1]
      Knowledge mapping, Employee Performance [1]
      Leadership, small and medium enterprises, enterprise success, sustainability. [1]
      life table, curtate future life–time, probability mass function, cumulative distribution function, goodness–of–fit tests, kenyan mortality experience [1]